Activate Sports Group is a sports representation organization interested in discovering and negotiating agreements for college and professional athletes. We want to provide our athletes the best opportunities to advance their careers and strive to to keep their best interests in mind.

What We Do

We offer marketing representation to establish a solid brand for our clients and their interests. We create customized branding strategies for each client to represent their athleticism best.

We offer contract negotiation to ensure that our clients receive a contract that aligns with their needs. Activate Sports Group is dedicated to negotiating the best endorsement deals and professional player contracts.

We create relationships with brands inside and outside the sports industry to provide our clients with a wide range of opportunities.

We assist our clients at every stage of their career. We prepare them for the expected transitions of their careers and provide meaningful support.



Activate Sports Group is a premier agency that offers top-tier representation to college and professional athletes. We create limitless opportunities for our clients to leave a legacy that aligns with their goals, passions, and dreams. Our clients are top priority, and we are committed to providing the best representation for our star athletes. Activate Sports Group isn’t the average sports agency; we provide innovative strategies that highlight black excellence while positioning our clients for success.

Meet The Owner

Angelica McDonald, ESQ.

Angelica McDonald, Esq. has single handedly established an in-demand law firm, won several accolades for her incredible work in her community and has her sights set on building a bi-coastal sports agency that serves clients from her hometown to Hollywood. She is putting her city of Raeford, North Carolina on the map as the birthplace of the next legal superstar. And she is just at the onset of her career. 

An astute attorney, Angelica is sought after for her razor-sharp business acumen and her relentless litigation style. With a diverse background in entertainment, media and sports law, as well as business, she represents entrepreneurs and athletes on everything from complex contract negotiation to intellectual property matters, ensuring anything they’ve built is protected. Angelica will help college and professional athletes negotiate their contracts, secure endorsement opportunities, and ensure her clients are positioned for life after sports.

Our mission is to provide strategic and competent representation that aligns with our client's goals, passions, and interests, positioning them for long term success inside and outside the sports industry.

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